Death has become more and more accepted in a social context during the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic, emerging pop culture genres as well as growing disinterest in religion might be reasons for it. Therefore the taboo is breaking slowly.

Our own death however is still intangible as it will happen sometimes in the future and we only know it vicariously.

prime-time triggers a feeling of non-existence in visitors and enables them to empathize with a world in which one is dead. From a dark room, participants individually observe and eavesdrop on a public situation in which they are not physically present. An additional voice confronts visitors with fundamental questions about their own existence and finiteness.

Finally, a certificate of the experience can be printed out, which encourages discussion and exchange.

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We are Sophie Anderhub and Edna Hirsbrunner working together as Sophie + Edna. Already at a young age, we both were fascinated by the fundamental questions of what the meaning of life is and why we have the pleasure to be alive. British writer Julian Barnes says that death is the one appalling fact which defines life. We see it the same way and are convinced that in order to understand what life is about, we need to investigate the happening that actually defines it first.

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